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Web Design Maidenhead

Posted On March 16 2016 by Tom - Category: website Design

web development maidenhead Modern 3D robot video presentation for website developer from Maidenhead. If you need professional video presentation for your company or products, please do not hesitate to drop us an email. You can watch this promo project on our Ovipic Vimeo and Ovipic YouTube channels. You can also read more about this project here in our promo video page.

Logo Design Wycombe Carpets

Posted On March 23 2016 by Tom - Category: Logo Design

wycombe carpets logo Logo design for Wycombe Carpets fitting company. We have supplied six logo samples to choose from. Our client requested for the logo to be created in Wycombe colour scheme. Let us know if you would like us to create new and exciting logo design for your company.

Logo Design for Photographer

Posted On Feb 04 2016 by Tom - Category: Logo Design

logo design banka Simple but very effective logo design for the photographer from Oslo. Our customer received from us three logo samples, compiled in three different colour schemes. His choice we have published on our blog page.

Delikatesy Lasuch Web Design

Posted On March 11 2015 by Tom - Category: Web Design

delikatesy web design Delikatesy Łasuch - grocery store that sales and promotes 100% organic food from local farmers, butchers and bakers. Check their web design at www.delikatesy-lasuch.pl

You can also see their design on our ovipic twitter page and on the prestige web galleries like csswinner.com and cssnectar.com.

Lillies Healthcare Web Design

Posted On March 08 2015 by Natalia - Category: Web Design

lillies web design Affordable and user friendly website design for Lillies Healthcare Limited. Company providing home healthcare services in Berkshire and Bucks. You can see their website at www.lillies-healthcare.co.uk .

Intelligent Data Graphic Design

Posted On March 10 2015 by Natalia - Category: Livery Design

van livery design Vehicle livery design for based in Maidenhead Intelligent Data Company. We have design livery on three brand new company vans. This modern design makes contact details and logo stand-out and visible from a distance.

London Wasps Tribute- Video Design

Posted On February 21 by Tom - Category: Wasps Video Design

london wasps animation To mark 12 exiting years of London Wasps games @ Adams Park we have created this short presentation. The tribute video was created from material available on-line (photos, videos) supported by modern 3D High Definition graphic from Ovipic. We wanted to show the most memorable moments from last 12 years of London Wasps at Adams Park. Unfortunately Wasps left Adams Park last December. We would like to thank them for fantastic memories and support to local community. To watch this video please click on the article header. Visit our YouTube Channel for London Wasps Tribute animations and don’t forget to subscribe. Many Thanks Ovipic

Logo Design - DVT Prevention

Posted On January 26 by Tom - Category: Logo Design

dvt logo design Our aim was to design logo for DVT Prevention Distributors. Initially we have designed 4 different logo samples and emended them to business suitable specifications. Most important for us is to understand and bring to the design all business related topics. Consider the business audience and design the logo that will be easy to read and memorable. If you would like us to design or redesign logo for your company, please feel free to call or email us. We will design 4 basic samples absolutely free.

Dalio Van Livery Design

Posted On December 26 by Natalia - Category: Dalio Van Livery

dalio van livery We have been asked to provide graphic design sample for Dalio new van livery. For more vehicle livery designs, please see our portfolio page.

Ovipic Banner Design

Posted On December 06 by tom - Category: Ovipic Banner

ovipic banner design Anyone can design graphic, but how would you make this graphic to be interesting, eye-catching, modern and memorable? As you can see, graphic design is not only about graphic. In fact is about all apart from graphic. In here you can read more about our ovipic banner design project.

Red Cup Livery Design

Posted On December 02 by Natalia - Category: Red Cup Van Livery

red cup van livery We have been asked to design and cut this simple but extremely effective vehicle livery design for personal fitness trainer from High Wycombe. Social Links to Twitter and Facebook, company name in large letters and website address signers where all included in this immaculate layout. Go to our red-cup graphic design page to read more about his project.